Gullivers Travel

Watched this show yesterday and it is funny and light hearted, though I dont find it worth e price for a weekend show. The film is directed by Monsters vs Aliens director Rob Letterman and stars Jack Black as Lemuel Gulliver, a free-spirited travel writer who, on an assignment to the Bermuda Triangle, suddenly finds himself a giant among men when he washes ashore on the hidden island of Liliput, home to a population of tiny people. Dare to be different and do what you want to do!


The world is a playground

You'll learn, laugh, cry, fall and stand up stronger and better. The world is a playground, have fun and enjoy life.


Soul-less office

Today I went to work as I did not utilised my xmas off.. So the office is really soul-less today, most of them on leave or off.. So we manage to drive out for McLunch and after that we spent e whole day challenging with my frens itouch games as he got alot of IQ and fast finger games.. haha.. how great will it be if evryday other is like this too!!


Went to ron relative housewarming on Sunday evening with ron whole family.. His cousin got married and bought a house at Tampines.. Just nice I can asked e market rate for Tampines house now.. They bought it for $410K and $18K cash, not inclusive of reno for this 5 room flat..wow really quite expensive.. And I am planning to buy Tampines area by next yr if possible.. haha hopefully I can find one at a gd location and gd price :D

Christmas Over

Wow I have been so occupied lately..Every night when I go to bed I can fall asleep within seconds till e next mrn for work..Went to have xmas dinner with rons and frens at longbeach at east coast.The dinner is great as it cost a bomb..a total of 5 adults and 1 kid we spent $429..haha..crazy price..And the weather on that day is rainy..so we cant take a stroll at e beach aft dinner..Then we went over to ron fren house and played wii till late night..


Tron Legacy

This is quite a good show to watch if you enjoy science fiction. Its also a high budget movie though they do not have alot of casts in it. I liked the story plot as its something different. 3D version is not bad, not very spectacular.. Fav Quote: Guy asked:"What should I do now?" Reply:" Try to survive." The only rule is survival!

Our Anniversary

Again ?? Haha.. We have 5 years of completed years with love.. I made Ron a card personally on top of exchanging our gifts.. We went to have dinner at NUOC at orchard central which serves vietnam food. This is my second choice. Initially I wanted to go to Salt grill but its full house till 26 Dec, will visit on V day period..

Then we went to shop around 313 and lastly went to the grand cathay to watch Tron. And when we entered the theatre, we realised its 3D but I actually bought the non 3D one..So we are quite puzzled but still carry on inside. And we are surprised the show has started too as we arrived 5 mins ahead of time. Then we realised e seats we book are taken..So I approached the couple and sais these should be my seats..So the guy took out his hp to shine and checked and then he told me one shocking thing..Your tickets are for tomorrow!! Ahhhh!! Dunno where to hide my face.. Anyway we continued to sit at other empty seats since its not full house and miss the first 15mins of e show, and Ron is rather dunno to be upset or happy about this..haha turnout to be quite an unexpected date. So now we can catch e show again tmr at 950pm for e 2D version..haha..